Technology Reskilling – Need of the hour when we talk of Today’s Disruption in IT
January 18, 2018

2018 - Year of Exceeding Expectations vs. Just Meets Expectations

Information Technology and Software Industry is going through a major revamp mode. So when we at Amstar decided what is in anvil as a leading solutions partner for IT sector across sectors, here is what comes up in our mind.

As quoted by Vala Afsher, Chief Digital Evangelist at with upgrade in Technology happening at a rapid pace, There comes a greater Responsibility on service and solution providers on how well can they connect to their customers holistically yet relevantly.

Amstar believes that Technology offerings will be more customized and need based. As innovative technology offerings like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and Automation, Augmented reality and Block Chain to name a few are not only disrupting and transforming conventional business models. They are also ushering in the so-called upgrade yourself or reskill yourself or be phased out scenario.So how do providers, organizations and most importantly lateral employees handle this scenario? Although inevitable it’s about being able to create expectations across value chain and it begins with this simple step of being updated and relevant subjectively.

If we get back to remembering who the customers are, and then re-segmenting their needs more intelligently that creates an impact to begin with. Reskilling comes next; this is where we say getting a hold makes the difference. Invest on yourself and most importantly get the hands on knowledge to be ahead in the race.

The biggest issue Technology vendor’s face is that of legacy systems migration. With a rapid pace in technology automation, Providers are now embracing the cloud and are becoming hybrid but are lost and here is where Reskilling/Cross Training comes into picture which Amstar prides as a pioneer from 2005 across all products and segments in Technology.

Lastly to exceed expectations when Organizations are transitioning themselves from legacy based systems they should not forget about updating their employee skill sets be it either on the job or off the job.

With Technology being a sought after main front communication medium today, Don’t forget about the people who are in the front-line handling your customers and make sure they are empowered and enabled to be successful with the new kinds of products and services you’re bringing to market. This is very essential to create that ‘Customer Centric Expectation’ you have always envisioned.

While Amstar believes that the gap between strategy and execution is widening and is the most disruptive time seen in Technology in many decades. Yet with a properly trained resource staff and able thought leadership there is hope and no doubt about you cracking the Exceeded Expectations code.

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